What is the shelf life of your products?

All products have a 6 month shelf life.

I have placed an order, when will it arrive?

All Luna Beauty products are hand made by one person, I also run the rest of the business and have a full time job! Orders therefore take 10-14 days to process and will be posted to you 2nd class delivery. 


How do I apply your mascara?

My mascaras don't come with a brush and you will need to find one! I can suggest a few! Alternatively you can wash and reuse the one you already have! To apply the mascara, simply dip the brush in, remove the excess product and apply like normal.


Do you receive your ingredients in plastic?

I try my best to source my ingredients plastic free, however this is not always possible. To reduce waste I buy in the largest sizes possible, recycle everything that can't be reused and re-use what I can.


Will my order be shipped plastic free?

Yes! Every aspect of your order will be plastic free, even the tape holding the box shut. 


Are your products safety tested?

Yes! All my products have received safety testing. This is always a good thing to check when buy cosmetics as many smaller retailers are missing these.


I want to start a zero waste/ vegan cosmetics business, can I use your recipes?

No. I have worked really hard to create my recipes and I don't feel it would be fair for someone else to profit from them. 

I am however happy to offer advice and help to anyone setting up a similar business, just send me a message and I will see how I can help!


Do you do wholesale? Can I stock your products in my shop?

I LOVE supplying shops with my products and wholesale prices are available. Contact me for more info!