About us

Elisha - Owner & Founder

I started making my own makeup and skincare around the end of 2017. I was trying to reduce my plastic consumption and was fed up of only being able to find makeup packaged in plastic that most of the time, couldn't even be recycled! After experimenting with recipes and ingredients I had found my first few products - mascaras and lip balms! After perfecting the recipes I started selling them online and have been overwhelmed by the positive response to the products right from the very first day. I am constantly working on new recipes and improving upon old ones. I aim to make Luna Beauty the absolute best of ethical, sustainable beauty.


Rach - Social Media Assistant

Hey, I’ll be helping to take care of LunaBeauty Social Media accounts, so I thought I’d share a little bit about myself! I’m Rach a 20 year old Psychology Student from Manchester and I’ve been running my LessRubbish_Rach account for almost a year now. I am super interested in finding ways to reduce my waste especially on a budget, inspired by Youtubers like SustainablyVegan and programs like Blue Planet. I’m so interested in the topic, I’ve decided to do my final year Dissertation on Low Waste Lifestyles! I am also a massive animal lover; my family have been adopting rescue dogs for as long as I can remember! I have been Veggie for 4 years, and I’m currently going Vegan (hence the epic t-shirt).  I’m super excited to start, and trust me there are lots of exciting things happening in the LunaBeauty world coming to you soon!

Rach x